​About Sally

How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become an astrologer?

Let me share a defining moment that occurred in 2012. It was the Mayan year which some felt to be the end of time. The end of the Mayan calendar drawn up based on cycles of Venus covering thousands of years. I was living in Saudi Arabia. I had a mission for a series of nine dictionaries for bringing about harmony between human races through enlightened linguistics and resources. I had just pre-launched #2 in North Seattle. It had gone pretty well.

A native speaker of the Hlingit (Tlingit) Alaskan native language ​had addressed me formally one to one, and I was deeply touched and grateful. It was at a tribal culture fair, and I had sold some copies of the book.

Then bad karma struck, in my final effort to have a child. I had been struggling throughout my life to have a moral path, and also to achieve a family of my own and success as a pioneer in my field. As a daughter of DES, I knew there was an extremely likely possiblity that I couldn't conceive by this time. DES had given me early menopause way earlier. But we were compatible in most unlikely ways that made me hope for a miracle. On the other hand, the old demon bigotry was working its toxic poison. I still wasn't purified of bigotry either, despite a lifelong war against it. [See the long version of the story here.]

​My job in Saudi Arabia at the time was as an English teacher. I was contracted to an academy, and their main project at the time was to win a plum contract with the Princess Norah University, which is Islam's flagship women's university, a major pride in the higher learning investment of Saudi Arabia. The largest female university in the world. We had various classes running in Riyadh at our academy, but to create a program for the Princess Norah was the great ambition. However I found that there was nobody capable to do the job of creating a suitable program from scratch to train the professors and lecturers of the univ ersity in English so that they would be able to transition into offering more classes in English. So I took on the task. I slaved over it for three months. We won approval step by step and finally we won the contract itself. We were driven to the new university town of Princess Norah each day, and began our work.